Search for Common Ground (Search) is an international peacebuilding organization that strives to transform the way the world deals with conflicts, away from adversarial approaches towards collaborative problem solving. Search is working in 35 countries across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the USA. SFCG works with governments, civil society, state institutions, youth, media organizations and other stakeholders to promote peace, tolerance and collaboration across dividing lines. Since 2006, our programs in Nepal aim to support development and long-term peace, focusing on five areas: strengthening governance and democratic participation; promoting peacebuilding and reconciliation; enhancing access to justice and security; supporting development and economic growth; and developing leadership and a culture of dialogue. Currently, Search works with 24 NGOs, 13 FM radio stations, and relevant line agencies in 15 districts of the country.

Search Nepal currently has the following job opening(s):